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ENVI-PUR, Ltd – Company Profile

The company ENVI-PUR, Ltd, thanks to its long-lasting conceptual work, makes up one of the strongest Czech companies that is concerned with the development, production and the delivery of ecological equipment, focused especially on the branch of waste water treatment and water treatment.

The company ENVI-PUR, Ltd gains a dominant position on the Czech market due to its big proficiency and its products are evaluated even abroad, to where it exports successfully.

The company ENVI-PUR, Ltd works with a very strong developmental department, cooperates with colleges, remarkable specialists of the branch of waste water and water treatment. That is why the most of the products is patent protected.


The history of the company goes back to the beginning of the 1990's, when its current owners began to develop and deliver equipment for waste water treatment. They used fully their experience in 1997, by establishing a new company with the target of becoming a strong player in  the market.

The main strengths of ENVI-PUR, Ltd are: high-quality technical products and a compre-hensive range of services in the branch of waste water and water treatment. The company adapts quickly to the requirements of the Czech and European legislation. As a result of this effort ENVI-PUR, Ltd has large amount of references both in Czech Republic and abroad.

In 2003 ENVI-PUR, Ltd bought the company Jitona-Vzuchotechnika Ltd, thus extending its activities with production, delivery and assembly of air treatment systems for wood processing industry. It follows nearly twenty-years of tradition and experience of Jitona's native employees in this branch. Production activity is aimed at supply of air filtration turnkey project, production of pipes and air conditioning elements, locksmithery and metalworking manufacture and cutting tools treatment.

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Company ENVI-PUR, Ltd is represented in business in more than 20 European countries.

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Certification of products, Homologation and Patents

In 2002, the method of quality's management has been introduced and certified according to ČSN EN ISO 9001 and newly also the method of the environmental management according to ČSN EN ISO 14001 and occupational health and safety assessment specification according to ČSN BS OHSAS 18001. All the type products are certified according to european standards.

ENVI-PUR has patented a large number of products, especially with reference to waste water treatment plants. The BioCleaner® technology has been patented with operation in Europe and North America. As an illustration, we introduce some of them.