Container WWTP with MBR

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Waste water treatment

Container WWTP with MBR

For:small towns and villages, hotels, recreation areas,mid-size industry


BioCleaner® BC20-MBR - BC150-MBR


  • Treatment of municipal waste waters and industrial waste waters


  • Minimization of operating costs is ensured by automatic control system.
  • Optimization of operation costs in dependence of immediate loading (weekend operation, holidays, etc.)

Construction advantage

  • No need of additional insulation during winter
  • Retrofitting of existing septic tanks is possible
  • Self-supporting construction do not require any special site preparatory work
  • Plants can be installed underground, half buried or at ground level (after adjustment on request)


  • Decreasing of maintenance costs by automatic control system
  • Regular maintenance ensured by ENVI-PUR, Ltd

Technical Specification

  • High efficiency of organic pollution removal
  • High efficiency of nitrogen removal
  • High efficiency of bacteria and viruses removal
  • Treated water can be used for discharges into groundwater (infiltration) in places without water recipient
  • Treated water is disinfected and can be reused for irrigation of ornamental greenery and also vegetables for direct consumption
  • Treated water is suitable for reuse (flushing toilets)
  • High flexibility for different loading conditions

Treated water parameters

Parameter   BC-MBR
CODCr [mg/L] < 40
BOD5 [mg/L] < 10
SS [mg/L] < 1
Turbidity [NTU] < 1
E-Coli (bacteria) [CFU/100 mL] 0
Viruses (degree of removal)   99.99 %

Technical parameters

Type   BC50-MBR BC100-MBR BC200-MBR BC500-MBR
Maximal capacity [PE] 50 100 200 500
Wastewater volume Q24 [m3/day] 7.5~11 15~22 30~45 75~112
Inlet BOD5 [kg/day] 3 6 12 30
Tank - container   ISO 20’ ISO 20’ ISO 40’ ISO 40’ + ISO 20’
Cont. dimensions (L×W×H) [m] 6.6×3×3 6.6×3×3 12.6×3×3 12.6(6.6)×3×3

WWTP capacity calculator

Approximate calculation of required capacity WWTP

Calculate the required capacity of the wastewater treatment plant, the average amount of waste water per day (Q24) and the daily contribution of substance pollution (BOD5) for the family home, accommodation or production hall. Calculation form allows you to choose the optimal treatment plant.

count Q24 (m³/day) BOD5 (kg/day)
Family House person
Hostel, pension bed
Restaurant chair
Restaurant kitchen without warm chair
Camp, summer camp bed
School student
School with dining student
Factories, trading companies, etc. - clean work employee
Factories, trading companies, etc. - dirty work employee
Hydraulic load / biological load / total inflow to the wastewater corresponding population equivalent (PE):
Type of WWTP:

It is based on the calculation of water needs and Act No. 274/2001 Coll., Decree No. 428/2001 Coll., Annex 12 to the specific need of water for 1 PE - 150 L/day, equivalent to 1 PE pollution - BOD5 60g/pers./day.


Waste water treatment

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