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Waste water treatment

Home Waste Water Treatment Plant

For:Domestic housing, small businesses
Solution for the most demanding
WWTP controlled by computer
Optimal WWTP for everyone
Great performance for low price

Household wastewater treatment plant models

Equipment overview of the different BioCleaner® models
Note: included, optional / can be added, optional for new WWTP
Tank for concrete encasement (PP 6 mm)      
Self supported tank (PP 8 mm)  
Concrete tank  
Analogue switch clock      
Control system OPTIMA with 10 pre-programmed modes      
Programmable control system COMFORT PLUS    
Automatic surface cleaning of settlement tank    
Integrated tertiary filter      
UV disinfection
Phosphorus precipitation P-LESS
Aerators replaceable in operation      
Oxygen / pH probe    
Connection using GSM  
Recommended use
Note: YES, YES if the phosphorus precipitation is installed
Discharge into surface waters
Discharge into groundwaters (drain)


ENVI-PUR is providing the BioCleaner with almost 20 years of tradition and experiences with waste water treatment plants. We have sold more than 20 thousands home treatment plants all over the world in those years.

BioCleaner® treatment plants are designed for disposal of waste water from the smallest individual sources of pollution such as: family houses, small hotels etc. They are replacing antiquated septic tanks due to its effectiveness, savings and they are in accordance with modern housing. These BioCleaners enable cleaning of waste water from kitchens, bathrooms, social facilities, washing machines, dishwashers. The costs for cleaning are very low.



Design advantages

The highest quality, we don’t use recycled plastic material. We use only the highest quality of certificated plastic material from Röchling and IMG – guaranteed mechanical standard requirements of tanks (thickness of the tank wall is 8 mm, not including the JV type). Mechanical characteristics of the tank are checked by a static calculation.

Regular operation of the WWTP and internal pumping is ensured by hydro-pneumatic pumps. There is no other pump for WWTP operating so there are no possible sources of failure.

  • The BioCleaner treatment plant ensures functionality even during power supply breakdowns
  • Treatment plant doesn’t require any special insulating for operation in winter
  • Current septic tanks may be remade to WWTP by installation of a technological kit
  • Plastic self-supporting construction doesn’t require expensive building preparations
  • WWTP can be installed under, halfway or above the surface of the terrain (after adjustment)

Scheme WWTP

  1. Blower and Control unit
  2. Air supply to the reactor
  3. Waste water treatment plant
  1. Inlet of waste water
  2. Outlet of treated water
  3. Screen basket
  1. Fine-bubble aeration
  2. Attachment
  3. Cover

Essential parts of the treatment plant

  • Biological reactor BioCleaner®
  • Blower
  • Switch clock, time switch or electric box (depending on the type)
  • Hoses for an air input
  1. BioCleaner® Reactor – Circular or rectangular tank fitted with technological partitions, and build-in assemblies where the treatment of the waste water takes place. The tank is put under the terrain surface, above the terrain surface is covered fibreglass lid. The tank is made of polypropylene, polyethylene or stainless steel. It also can be current concrete tank which shall be fitted with technological assembly.
  2. Membrane blower works as the source of air for the treatment plant.
  3. Switch clock, time switch or electrical box for controlling the treatment plant, located in a building (e.g. in garage, basement).
  4. Air inlet to the biological reactor BioCleaner® is carried out by PVC hose and PP tubes fitted in a protection pipe under the terrain surface.

Models of WWTP BioCleaner®


  • Thickness of the materiál 6 mm PP
  • Analog timer
  • Types: BC4 , BC6


  • Thickness of the materiál 8 mm PP (self-supporting construction)
  • Digital timer with 10 programmed operating regimes
  • Types: BC4 , BC6, BC10 and BC12


  • Self-supporting construction
  • Economical operating
  • Control system with 10 programmed operating regimes
  • Types: BC4, BC6, BC10 and BC12


  • WWTP specially designed for water drain into groundwater
  • Control unit for phosphorus participation P-LESS
  • Mechanical tertiary filter on outlet
  • Types: BC6, BC10 and BC12


  • Family houses, small companies, cottages, recreational buildings, etc. (for cleaning of the waste water from kitchens, dishwashers, bathrooms, facilities, etc.)

Saving and maintenance

  • The low expenses are ensured by programmable regimes of operating the treatment plant (visitors, holiday, etc.)
  • The technology of cleaning ensures low production of the sediment which can be composted and so there are no expenses for its disposal
  • The technology of WWTP can be put into current septic tanks and basins
  • Maintenance requirements are lowered by an automatic exhaustion of filth and foam on the water surface – no necessity to do it manually often (only the COMFORT type)

Technical Specification

  1. Waste water treatment plant
  1. Inlet
  2. Screen basket
  3. Denitrification zone
  4. Nitrification zone
  5. Fine-bubble diffuser
  6. Sedimentastion zone
  7. Surface impurities desintegrator
  8. Skimmer
  1. Phosphorus precipitation outlet
  2. Air distributor
  3. Oxygen /pH probe
  4. Self-supporting PP tank
  5. Tertiary filter
  6. UV disinfection
  7. Outlet
  1. Technical house
  1. Control unit
  2. Dosing pump for phosphorus precipitation
  3. Blower
  4. Barrel with PAX
  5. Sludge sampler
  6. Anchoring to the ground
  7. Alarm

Basic parameters of domestic WWTP BioCleaner®

BioCleaner®   BC 4 BC 6 BC 10 BC 12
Number of people connected   4 6 10 12
Amount of waste water Q24 [m³/day] 0,6 0,9 1,5 1,8
Electric input when loaded * [W] 50-150 60-160 105-205 125-225
Maximal energy demand * [kWh/day] 0,6-2,9 0,72-3 1,1-3,5 1,3-3,6
Weight [kg] 150 165 180 230
Diameter [mm] 1 400 1 600 1 700 1 900
Height [mm] 1 600 1 600 2 500 2 500

*Depending on the type WWTP


CE Certification EN 12566-3 + A2:2013

DUO - tank advantages:

  • Bigger accumulation volume for excess sludge
  • Economical sludge removal (longer period between sludge removals)

Type BC 4 – 16 COMFORT DUO

Number of connected people (PE) 4 6 10 12 16
Amount of waste water (m3/day) 0.6 0.9 1.5 1.8 2.4
WWTP load  BOD5
240 360 600 720 960

Control unit COMFORT PLUS with GSM

You can set one of 10 preset blower modes. Including night and weekend mode.

  • Operate manually or via a mobile device (internet)
  • Real-time monitoring Home WWTP (reporting and recording of any faults)
  • Daily operate statistics and control unit settings via website interface
  • Security against unauthorized manipulation

Components and accessories


  • Bulge laminated cover
  • Flat laminated cover – stone imitation
  • Flat sand-blasted cover
  • Ceiling lock

You can walk over all of the ceilings. We can mount a locking system on request to ensure the area of WWTP against unauthorized access.

  • Attachments for the WWTP
  • Chemical condensation of phosphorus
  • Switch clock BASIC and OPTIMA
  • Control unit COMFORT

How to buy

How to buy a waste water treatment plant

Everyone probably buys a waste water treatment plant once in their lifetime so we made up a list of essential advice and recommendations to make a good decision so you can buy the right one that meets your needs.

Why a BioCleaner Waste Water Treatment Plant?

  • ENVI-PUR has gained experience with WWTP’s since 1993.
  • We have made more than 20,000 home WWTP’s.
  • We have more than 30 partners all over the Czech Republic to ensure complete coverage and contact with customers for purchasing and servicing your WWTP.
  • We sell our WWTP all over Europe – we have more than two thousands satisfied customers abroad and 30 sales agents.
  • The WWTP BioCleaner® is certificated according to the standard EN 12566-3+A2:2013 and its functionality was checked at the research institute T. G. Masaryk in Prague. The protocol about the initiatory test was issued by Technical and Test Institute for Constructions Prague. So our products can be marked with CE mark.
  • ENVI-PUR , s. r. o. has gained the following certificates of the management quality ISO 9001:2009, system of environmental management ISO 14001:2005 and health and protection system during work OHSAS 18001:2008.
  • Technology BioCleaner® was developed by The ENVI-PUR Company and is patented worldwide.
  • Technology BioCleaner® was designed and made to ensure the simplicity and the elimination of all mechanical components inside a WWTP/ which can cause problems.
  • To keep our products at the highest technological level, we are monitoring the newest trends in the world which we apply to our products.
  • Choose the most appropriate system of controlling your WWTP (mechanical time switch, electronic time switch or control unit).
  • Our control unit also ensures automatic cleaning of the settlement tank – it means less work for the customer who doesn’t need to clean it manually. It also enables easy changes of operating regimes of your WWTP, it counts operating hours and failure hours and for an extra fee we can add a device which signalizes air supply breakdown.
  • You can walk on the ceiling cap of the WWTP.
  • We can mount a locking system on request to ensure the area of WWTP against unauthorized access.
  • To ensure the highest quality and silent supply of the air, we use the best quality membrane blowers SECOH.
  • Our WWTP’s have walls made of 8mm thick material and we only use the highest quality plastic material. Some of the competitor’s treatment plants have the wall made of 6mm material which lowers the price but you need to count for a concrete support of the tank.
  • To prove the functionality, always ask for certificates and hydrostatic calculations.
  • Ask someone who runs the treatment plant for their experiences.
  • Ask about the relevant treatment plant experts – water institutions.
  • Make sure that the price is final and if it includes the price of blower, attachment, ceiling, controller, mounting, shipment, etc.
  • Make sure that the price includes guaranties and other servicing.
  • Choose traditional companies with experience of producing waste water treatment plants instead of scammers who produce and sell anything just to make money.

WWTP capacity calculator

Approximate calculation of required capacity WWTP

Calculate the required capacity of the wastewater treatment plant, the average amount of waste water per day (Q24) and the daily contribution of substance pollution (BOD5) for the family home, accommodation or production hall. Calculation form allows you to choose the optimal treatment plant.

count Q24 (m³/day) BOD5 (kg/day)
Family House person
Hostel, pension bed
Restaurant chair
Restaurant kitchen without warm chair
Camp, summer camp bed
School student
School with dining student
Factories, trading companies, etc. - clean work employee
Factories, trading companies, etc. - dirty work employee
Hydraulic load / biological load / total inflow to the wastewater corresponding population equivalent (PE):
Type of WWTP:

It is based on the calculation of water needs and Act No. 274/2001 Coll., Decree No. 428/2001 Coll., Annex 12 to the specific need of water for 1 PE - 150 L/day, equivalent to 1 PE pollution - BOD5 60g/pers./day.


Waste water treatment

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