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Flotation (DAF)

Dissolved-air flotation (D.A.F.) is a separation process, which is used as the first separation step during drinking water treatment.

The D.A.F. system employs a physical process whereby very fine air bubbles (microbubbles) attach themselves to low density particles suspended in the water and float them to the surface where they form a floating sludge blanket, that is easily removed.

  • High loading rates
  • Compact design
  • Effective operation
  • Longer filter runs
  • High sludge concentration
  • Steel or concrete tank installation
  • Rapid start-up

Flotation for WWTPs (DAF)

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) is a separation process that is successfully employed for preliminary cleaning of the concentrated industrial (namely the food-industry) waters with higher content of suspended solids and fats.

Water Filtration

When the S/SL type Leopold drainage system is used, uniform distribution of washing air over the entire filter area allows to obtain excellent results in filter washing, namely with different composition of the filtering medium's layers.


Filtralite is a new filtering material intended for drinking water treatment, suitable for the open pressure and biological filters.


The ENVI-PUR EP-C clarifiers are universal equipment for continuous separation of the suspended substances from the liquid environment. Their applications are very comprehensive and they include:

  • Drinking and technological water
    • clarification of surface waters
    • softening of surface waters
    • softening of underground waters
    • separation of Fe and Mn from underground waters
  • Industrial waste water
    • waste water treatment by clarification and precipitation procedures
  • Town waste waters
    • removal of phosphates by applying the precipitation procedures

Lamella pack cassettes

Cartridges with lamella blocks in the sedimentation area of existing or new sedimentation tanks and clarifiers allow significant increase of surface loading of the equipment while the solid phase's separation efficiency is maintained or improved.

Clari-Vac Settling Tank

The Clari-Vac technology is intended for the new and existing square secondary settling tanks. The advantage of this system is its low demand for energy and investments. One recirculation pump ensures both internal and external recirculation, removal of excessive sludge into the sediment trap as well as the transport of floating impurities. Very low energy is also required to drive the float with pipe structure and the floating impurity removal system.

Oil substances separators

Petroleum product separators are used to separate and trap the free petroleum products (NEL) born by the runoff from roads, solidified parking surfaces and lay-bys, handling areas, garages, car repair shops, washing ramps, etc.

Fat separators

Grease traps are intended for trapping the oils and fats that flow off in waste waters from kitchens, food-processing plants, meat processing, etc. Grease traps are installed to the waste water sewerage leading from the space where the waste waters containing fats are generated and as close to the generation point of these waters as possible.

Air conditioning

We will propose and deliver the air-conditioning equipment that filters light-weight and heavy dusts, mainly for the metal processing industry, wood processing industry, and food-processing facilities.

Locksmith's Production

The metal and locksmith production products find their use also in the technological units in the area of water and air purification and treatment.