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Fat separators

Grease traps are intended for trapping the oils and fats that flow off in waste waters from kitchens, food-processing plants, meat processing, etc. Grease traps are installed to the waste water sewerage leading from the space where the waste waters containing fats are generated and as close to the generation point of these waters as possible.

Oil substances separators

Petroleum product separators are used to separate and trap the free petroleum products (NEL) born by the runoff from roads, solidified parking surfaces and lay-bys, handling areas, garages, car repair shops, washing ramps, etc.

Small Pump Sumps

ENVI-PUR, s.r.o. manufactures and supplies small pump sumps that are designed mainly to re-pump the waste waters where the height differential makes it impossible to run a direct connection to the sewerage. These pump sumps can be also used for accumulation of rain waters that can be consequently used for irrigation.