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Waste water treatment

BioCleaner® waste water treatment plants (WWTPs) represents the core brand of our activities. They are produced in several series (domestic, containerised and compact).

Technology's characteristics:

  • Aerobic WWTP of the D-N type
  • Low loaded activated sludge system
  • Aerobic sludge stabilization
  • Low space requirements

WWTPs Technology

ENVI-PUR, Ltd produces and supplies highly specialized components which are used as a part of WWTP and WTP.

Other products

The company also deals in production and supply of components used independently in the field of waste water and water treatment.

Water treatment

In recent years, ENVI-PUR, Ltd has targeted the supply of water treatment plants, where we use advanced technologies (such as membrane technologies, underdrain systems of sand filters, flotation etc.). We offer containerized, modular and fully customized solutions.

Application possibilities:

  • Drinking water treatment plants
  • Process water for industry and energy sectors
  • Water treatment for swimming pools

Other activities