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Project Helags Fjäll Station

30th October 2017

In January 2017, Swedish Tourist Association (Svenska Turistföreningen) announced a request for the construction of a new Waste Water Treatment plant at the Helags Fjäll Station in Bergs.

Thanks to the mutual cooperation of ENVI-PUR and 4evergreen, the project was developed precisely in accordance with strict demands of Swedish Government on treated water and the environment for absolutely pure drinking water from a nearby spring.

In September 2017, ENVI-PUR company in cooperation with 4evergreen realized an installation of the Waste Water Treatment plant in the mountain village of Bergs northwest of Härjedalen. The Helags mountain station is located near the peak of the mountain at 1797m a.s.l., making it the highest-placed Waste Water Treatment plant among any of ENVI-PUR’s products.

The existing Waste Water Treatment plant was obsolete and was no longer able to meet the requirements for treated water. It also was not able to compete with modern technologies associated with monitoring and operation of the Waste Water Treatment plants which minimize maintenance costs.

The Treatment Plant was designed to meet the above-standard parameters of purified water in accordance with Swedish legislation. The plant is equipped with UV lamps, tertiary filter, phosphorus precipitation technology, flow measurement as well as modern SCADA system “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition”.

Of course, the question on sludge treatment and removal had also arisen. The problem was solved by the installation of the SDP “Sludge Dewatering Plant”, which dries the sludge and allow to manipulate with the subsequent dry matter easily. Since before the sludge was transported by  helicopter to the nearby village of Ljungdalen with a maximum transportation volume of 1m3, we have saved The Bergs municipality tens thousands of euros a year by installation of the sludge management equipment.

World, people and water - Respect nature, deliver the best technology. We learn from our Scandinavian colleagues and think about the stricter conditions for clean water in our country too!

Lukas Moniak