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Aeration systems

We offer high-quality fine-bubble, medium-bubble and coarse-bubble aeration systems intended to aerate activation tanks of municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants and to aerate and mix the tank contents. They are suitable for both permanent and intermittent operation.

Clari-Vac Settling Tank

The Clari-Vac technology is intended for the new and existing square secondary settling tanks. The advantage of this system is its low demand for energy and investments. One recirculation pump ensures both internal and external recirculation, removal of excessive sludge into the sediment trap as well as the transport of floating impurities. Very low energy is also required to drive the float with pipe structure and the floating impurity removal system.

Flotation for WWTPs (DAF)

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) is a separation process that is successfully employed for preliminary cleaning of the concentrated industrial (namely the food-industry) waters with higher content of suspended solids and fats.