Waste water treatment plants (WWTP)

We are a Czech manufacturer and supplier of waste water treatment plants from the smallest - domestic WWTP to urban and industrial (WWTP). Currently we are searching for new business partners all over the world. Are you interested in cooperation? See our product range.


Water treatment

We specialize in the supply of technologies and equipment for municipal, municipal and industrial water treatment plants.


Water recycling

We deal with water recycling in households, but especially in industrial enterprises. We offer the possibility of semi-operational tests for the reuse of wastewater.



Number 1 on the market

We treat drinking water for more than 4,500,000 inhabitants and treat waste water from over 1,000,000 EP.


More than 25 years of experiences

We have been supplying high quality products and services for a quarter of a century.



We have thousands of successful implementations and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

16mil. EUR


Sales of our products and services in 2022.

Worldwide representatives

We operate in many abroad countries. Currently we have sales representatives in more than 10 countries and new challenges are still awaiting us.

In more than 30 states.