Municipal and industrial water treatment plants

Water treatment has long been a significant part of ENVI-PUR's portfolio. Our goal is to bring innovative technologies to the Czech market that moves forward not only us, but the entire field of water supply.

Why ENVI-PUR water treatment plants?

We are experts in water treatment who respect conventional treatment methods and at the same time are not afraid to apply new ones in practice. We pay attention to precise pre-project preparation, we are able to design and perform field tests, which serve as a basis for project documentation.

Our priority is reliably high-quality work, which results in the delivery of high-quality drinking water to consumers.

We have experience with the installation of equipment for an uninterrupted supply of drinking water.

Our services

In the water industry, we offer comprehensive services from technology design, project processing to production, installation and commissioning, including subsequent technological support.


Used technologies or equipment for water treatment

Flotation (DAF)



Membrane water treatment


Lamellar separation






Drainage system Leopold



Filtration material Filtralite



Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)



UV disinfection



We are developing ...

... we educate ourselves and collaborate with the best experts in the field. We cooperate with the universities like the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague, VUT Brno, TU Liberec and the TAČR agency. We apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practice.

We present ourselves at trade fairs and conferences.

We regularly organize our own professional conferences.



 What makes us special?

In the Czech Republic, we were the first to use DAF technology in water treatment.

We have successfully launched a modern membrane water treatment plant AMAYA, which removes micropollutants with the sorption stage GAU WG12.

We supply the unique LEOPOLD drainage system, which in combination with the FILTRALITE filter material forms the best that is currently available in water filtration.

Rethinking water for more than 25 years

ENVI-PUR, s.r.o. is your experienced partner who understands water management.

4,5 mil


for which our technologies treat drinking water.


Flotation (DAF)

We were the first in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to use DAF for drinking water treatment.


The biggest WTP

Our largest reconstructed WTP in Pilsen, where the Leopold drainage system and the Filtralite filter cartridge were used.


Leopold area

We have installed almost 5,000 m2 of the Leopold drainage system.


We will be happy to help you

If you have any questions, our experts will help you immediately.