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This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") describes how we process your personal information in connection with your use of our website and how your personal information is processed and protected. Here you will also find an explanation of the options available to you in relation to the protection of your personal data and information on how you can contact us.


Your personal data is processed by ENVI-PUR, s.r.o. with its registered office in Prague 6 - Dejvice, Na Vlčovce 13/4, postal code 160 00, ID number 251 66 077 as a personal data administrator. You can contact us via the contact form on our website, on the telephone line +420 381 203 211, via the e-mail address or at the address Na Vlčovce 13/4, ZIP code 160 00 Prague 6 - Dejvice.


WHAT personal data we collect and WHEN

We process personal data that you provide to us as a subject of personal data, especially through the contact form on the website, e-mail, telephone or personal communication, or as well as personal data obtained through cookies (see below).


We process your personal data to the extent of:


  • Contact details, including name, e-mail, telephone number and address for sending the goods, address for the provision of services and billing address
  • Personal information such as gender, place of residence, date of birth, mail conversation history and contact history via contact form
  • Payment information
  • Other personal data that you provide to us via the contact form or e-mail, or within telephone communication
  • Personal settings (preferences), including your settings in the field of marketing and the use of cookies (see below)


When you interact with our website, certain data is automatically collected and shared with our company through technology platforms. For example, your internet browser or mobile device may share certain information with our company as part of how these devices communicate with our website. These data include:


  • Device identification numbers, network access
  • Cookies, IP addresses, link headers, data identifying your internet browser and its version, as well as web "beacons and tags"
  • Tools to control what data is collected


In many cases, your web browser or mobile device platform will provide you with additional tools to control when your browser or device collects or shares specific categories of information. For example, your mobile device or internet browser may offer tools that allow you to manage the use of cookies or share location information. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with these tools available on your device.


You are not obliged to provide us with your personal data, but if you do not provide us with the basic personal data needed to process your request (basic contact details or payment details), we will not be able to process your request and therefore it will not be possible for you to use our services and products.


WHY and HOW we process your personal data

We retain all your personal data only for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which we collected this data, unless otherwise provided by applicable law. We have measures in place to ensure the protection of personal data provided, in particular to prevent unauthorized or accidental access to personal data, their change, destruction or loss, unauthorized transfers, their unauthorized processing or other misuse of personal data.


You are not the subject of any decision based solely on automated processing that would have legal effects for you or would significantly affect you in a similar way. However, we may monitor the behaviour of website visitors in order to track their preferences for marketing purposes.


We use the personal data we collect about you for the following purposes:


In order to meet your requirements and implement or mediate your order, to keep our business running and to further improve our business, products and services


We may use the information you provide to us for our business purposes. For example, we will use the personal data provided via the contact form on our website primarily for the purpose of processing your request, implementing or arranging your order and ensuring communication with you. We can also use the data provided by you, for example, for the purposes of accounting, auditing and other internal processing.


For this purpose, we process your personal data on the basis of the obligations imposed on us by law, on the basis of obligations arising for us from contracts concluded with you and on the basis of our legitimate interest in ensuring the operation of our company and the development of our business.


To protect our rights, property or safety or the rights, property or safety of others


We may also use your personal information to prevent or detect fraud, abuse, unlawful use and violation of our Terms of Use, to exercise our rights, as well as to comply with court or government regulations or to comply with applicable law.


For this purpose, we process your personal data on the basis of the obligations imposed on us by applicable law and our legitimate interest in protecting our rights and the rights of third parties.


For marketing and analysis purposes


We may use personal information to conduct market research. We may contact you through the contact details provided by you in the form to find out if you are satisfied with our services. We can also send you business messages to the contact details provided by you. If you do not wish to receive these commercial communications, you can unsubscribe at any time. If necessary to better target marketing, we may create databases and use profiling to target marketing to your specific needs, such as choosing business messages with respect to product selection, identified preferences, and other information obtained from you. In this case, we minimize the scope of personal data included in the database and the database is subject to security in accordance with our internal mechanisms for personal data protection.


We may use information about how you use our websites and services to understand your behavior or preferences. For example, we may use information about how you search and locate products or services on our site to better understand the best way to organize and present our products and services. We may also use information about how you use our products and services to improve your user experience and to identify (diagnose) technical or service issues and to administer our website.


For the purposes of marketing and analysis, we process your personal data on the basis of our legitimate interest in the development of our business. When processing cookies, in some cases we process personal data on the basis of your consent (see below).


RIGHT TO OBJECT against the processing of personal data

 You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, eg against the processing for the purpose of sending business messages or for the purpose of finding back satisfaction with the service or product provided by us. If you object to this processing, we will no longer process your personal data for the stated purposes and we will exclude you from our internal databases associated with the given purpose of processing.


 You also have the right to object in other cases where we process your personal data on the basis of our legitimate interest (see above in the section WHY and HOW we process your personal data). If you object in these cases, we will not process your personal data unless we demonstrate compelling legitimate reasons for processing that outweigh your interests and rights and freedoms, or for determining, exercising or defending legal claims.


 You can exercise your right to object through our contact details in the header of this document.


Consent to the processing of personal data

We process your personal data either with your consent, which you have given us for one or more specific purposes and may revoke it at any time, or in specified cases without your consent. We may process personal data in accordance with applicable legal regulations without the express consent of you, if the processing is necessary for:


  • negotiating the conclusion or performance of a contract to which you are a party,
  • fulfillment of the legal obligation of our company,
  • the protection of the vital interests of the data subject or of another natural person,
  • performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority,
  • protection of the legitimate interest of our company or a third party.


Based on your consent, we process your personal data when using cookies (see below). In other cases, we process personal data on another legal basis, unless we explicitly ask you to give your consent to the processing of personal data.


Consent to the processing of personal data is granted by actively selecting the appropriate check box. You give your consent to the processing of personal data voluntarily, and you have no obligation to provide it, and if you do not provide it to us, you will not be penalized. Providing this consent is not a condition for using our services.


RECIPIENTS of personal data

 Some activities in which personal data may be processed are provided for us by external affiliates. We may share your personal information with these companies to the extent necessary for the above purposes in order to perform these activities. In this way we can share personal data for sending and delivery with a postal service provider or electronic message distributor, for research and analysis with a marketing company, to defend our rights with our legal representative, we can also use the services of an external IT company, which as part of the administration of our network, he will gain access to your personal data, etc.


While in some cases we arrange your orders, in other cases we act only as an intermediary (information on whether we act as an intermediary can be found in the description of a specific service on our website). In cases where we act as an intermediary, we pass on your personal data to an external company so that it can provide you with the service or product you require.


We may also share personal information with other parties to the extent necessary to:


  • compliance with the summons of state authorities, court orders or relevant legislation;
  • prevent the unauthorized use of our websites, services and products;
  • protection of our rights and defense against claims made by third parties; and
  • assistance in preventing fraud and in investigating fraud.


We may also transfer the personal data we process in relation to you to a legal successor in the event that part or all of our business or business assets are sold (including in the event of reorganization, spin-off, dissolution or liquidation).


We do not transfer personal data to third countries or international organizations.



When you use our website, our company receives and records information from your browser, which may include personal information. We use a variety of methods to collect this information, such as cookies and pixel tags; this information may include


  • Your IP address;
  • a unique identifier using "cookies", information about cookies and information about whether your device has the software needed to access certain features;
  • unique device identifier and device type;
  • domain, browser type and language;
  • the type of operating system and its settings;
  • state and time zone;
  • previously visited websites;
  • information about your steps on our website, such as clicks, purchases, and flagged preferences; and
  • access time and reference URLs.


Through our website, information may also be collected by third parties, using so-called cookies, plug-ins and third-party widgets. These third parties collect data directly from your internet browser and their processing is subject to their own third party privacy policies.


We use cookies and pixel tags to track how our customers use the website and to understand our customers' preferences (such as country and language choices). This allows us to provide our customers with services and improve their online experience. We also use cookies and pixel tags to obtain aggregate data about website traffic and communication, to identify trends and to obtain statistical data in order to further improve our Website. We basically use three categories of cookies on our website:


Functional: These cookies are required for the basic operation of the site and are therefore always enabled; these include cookies that allow you to remember you while browsing our website during a single visit, or - if you wish - with each visit. They help create the contents of the shopping cart and go through the payment process, and also help secure and meet regulatory requirements.


Improving performance: These cookies allow us to improve the functionality of our website by monitoring its use. In some cases, these cookies improve the speed of response to your requests and allow us to remember your choices selected for the site. If you reject these cookies, it may lead to inaccurate recommendations and the operation of the site will be slowed down.


Social media and advertising: Cookies for social media offer the opportunity to connect you to social networks and share content from our website. Advertising cookies (third-party cookies) collect information that helps you better tailor advertising to your interests, both on and off our websites. In some cases, the processing of your personal data is part of these cookies. Rejecting these cookies may result in the display of advertising that will not be so relevant to you, or inability to link effectively to accounts on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks, and / or inability to share content on social media.


We do not store cookies for more than 13 months.


Based on our legitimate interests in ensuring the operation of websites and Internet services, we process cookies that are necessary to ensure this operation. We process all other cookies on the basis of your consent.


In the settings of your PC, resp. in the browser settings you specify whether the browser should allow the website to store cookies on the end device. By enabling cookies in your browser, you also give us your consent to the processing of personal data obtained on the basis of cookies. You always have the opportunity to change your preferences and revoke your consent via our contact details listed in the header of this document.



You are guaranteed the following rights in the area of ​​personal data protection. To exercise your rights, please contact our company using the contact details provided in the header of this document.


  • the right to access your personal data - you have the right to access your personal data and other data about their processing, such as the purpose of processing, recipients of data or the period for which they will be stored, you can request copies of processed personal data
  • the right to correct - you have the right to correct inaccurate data or to complete incomplete data
  • the right to delete - our company is obliged by law to delete personal data on its own initiative after a certain period of time, however, you can request the deletion yourself, eg if the data is no longer needed for the purposes for which they were processed
  • the right to restrict the processing of personal data - in some cases, eg if there is an objection to the processing, it is possible to request a restriction on the processing of personal data
  • the right to object to the processing - it is submitted to the administrator, which is our company, in cases where the processing takes place due to the legitimate interest of our company or a third party, including cases where personal data are processed for direct marketing purposes
  • the right to data portability - you have the right to obtain personal data concerning you and pass it on to another personal data controller (ie to another entity that will process it), or to request that this transfer be performed by our company, if technically possible; the right to the transferability of personal data belongs to you if the processing is performed automatically or is based on consent or on a contract concluded between you and our company.
  • the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data at any time
  • the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, which is the Office for Personal Data protection.

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