The company ENVI-PUR s.r.o. in cooperation with its sister company Culligan CZ s.r.o. supplies equipment acting as reverse osmosis for the treatment of, in particular, brackish water or water, the use of which as drinking water or water for technological purposes is considered unsuitable due to its high salt content.

Reverse osmosis:

Reverse osmosis is currently the most perfect used water treatment technology. This is a physical water treatment virtually without using chemicals. This technologically highest form of filtration allows to remove from water:

• 90 - 98% of all mineral salts (nitrates, fluorides, chlorides, sulphates, etc.)
• 95 - 98% of heavy metals (lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, barium, etc.)
• arsenic, selenium, asbestos, organic compounds, bacteria (Cryptosporidium parvum, Escherichia coli, etc.) and viruses


If the environmental conditions (i.e. without extra pressure), two solutions having different concentrations of substances solubilized by them (e.g., water with a higher and a lower content of salts) separated by a semipermeable membrane, the molecules of pure water will begin through the membrane to move from a solution of less concentrated in more concentrated until the concentration of the solutions on both sides of the membrane equalizes. The pressure of the passing molecules acts on the membrane - the so-called osmotic pressure. However, when the concentrated solution is subjected to a pressure higher than the osmotic pressure, then the water flows in the opposite direction and pure water passes from the concentrated solution to the other side of the membrane, while the solutes are discharged to the waste.

We are able to offer a wide range of equipment working on the principle of reverse osmosis, especially for business and industrial use, for healthcare (hemodialysis departments, laboratories, pharmaceutical industry), and for all fields where high quality water is needed.

In Culligan reverse osmosis systems, helically wound semipermeable membranes with a pore size of only 0.00005 µm are used. These semipermeable membranes are very sensitive to the quality of the incoming water, and therefore adequate pretreatment is necessary to eliminate mechanical contamination from the water, increased content of chlorine, iron, manganese, free CO2, calcium, magnesium, and other undesirable substances.


Offered types of reverse osmosis:

• RO E1 - For smaller applications and performances
• MFP - for medium and large applications
• IWE EVO - powerful reverse osmosis with high performance

The specific offer for reverse osmosis will be processed only according to the composition of raw water, client requirements and selected accessories (type of electrical box, GBE, PLC, chemical dosing, water pre-treatment, measuring the quality of raw water and outflow water).
By changing the type of membranes and the configuration, a nanofiltration unit can be created from reverse osmosis. We supply, among other things, marine reverse osmosis for desalination of seawater and for the production of drinking water on ocean-going ships.

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Culligan has rightly been at the forefront of water supply for more than 80 years. Many years of experience from all over the world are reflected in the development of new and more efficient devices for drinking water treatment. It offers customers a wide range of equipment for water treatment, from standard solutions to problematic water treatment requiring technological design. Installation, training and service is a matter of course for Culligan CZ.


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