Membrane water treatment

We manufacture and supply Hi-tech technology in drinking water treatment - the membrane water treatment plant AMAYA. The AMAYA system is a reliable barrier for removing solid microparticles, turbidity and microorganisms from raw water.

The course of filtration and washing

The course of project preparation and implementation

We find out your needs and options
We will come to have a look at the place of installation
We prepare suggestion for water recycling solution
We project pilot testing
We help you with the project documentation
We supply you with suitable technology for water recycling

Possibilities of use

Advantages of the AMAYA membrane treatment plant

  • High efficiency in removing organic substances, paint, turbidity, microorganisms and viruses.

  • Low consumption of washing water (0.5-1%) and electricity 0.1 kWh / m³.


  • It automatically responds to changes in raw water quality.

  • Suitable for surface and underground water sources.

  • Easy shutdown and re-commissioning without the need to preserve the membrane.

  • Effective pre-treatment for reverse osmosis and nanofiltration.


  • Long service life of the equipment.

  • Possible integration of sorption stage.

  • Compact and robust device.

Ceramic membrane element

Membrane surface ≈ 25 m2

Pore size ≈ 0.1 μm

Channel diameter ≈ 2.5 mm

Number of channels ≈ 2000

Direct filtration (dead end filtration)


Membrane treatment plant AMAYA

It is suitable for underground and surface sources of raw water.

The capacity of the device can be increased by adding individual ceramic modules.

According to the customer's request, the AMAYA device can be delivered as a mobile system or stationary system.

Mobile treatment plant AMAYA

It is placed in a marine ISO container. The container is equipped with all the necessary equipment from housing with a ceramic element, storage tanks, chemical dosing, air compressor to the control system. Use suitable for:

  • Emergency drinking water supply in crisis situations as a part of ISZ
  • Accelerated drinking water supply as part of humanitarian, development and military operations
  • Temporary or permanent replacement of smaller stationary water treatment plants
  • Ensuring the supply of drinking water for sporting and cultural events

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Membrane water treatment AMAYA

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