1st domestic WWTP in Chile

Year of installation: 2020
Client: Privat person
Planner: ENVI-PUR, s.r.o.

We managed to acquire a new business partner in Chile in 2020. This cooperation is a big challenge for us and we hope that it will be the first step towards more activities in Latin America, which is experiencing a great boom in the field of water management and environmental protection.

The first domestic wastewater treatment plants BC 6 OPTIMA are already in operation. This is an installation near the town of Botalcura in the Maule region about 300 km south of Santiago de Chile. In the area where our wastewater treatment plant was installed, there is always a great shortage of water during the summer. Purified water from our WWTP serves as a source of irrigation water for grass and original trees around the house.


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