MBR WWTP Bosch Diesel – 2400 PE

Year of installation: 2017
Client: BOSCH Diesel, s.r.o.
Operator: MG - REAL, s.r.o.

During the intensification of the Bosch Diesel Jihlava WWTP, the most modern technology in the field of wastewater treatment was used - a membrane bioreactor. The use of MBR solved the investor's request to increase the capacity and move the DAF flotation unit to the WWTP area without its simultaneous increase. Flotaci DAF incl. accessories were also supplied by ENVI-PUR.

The reconstruction of the WWTP took place during full operation of the treatment plant and was divided into two stages. The investor's goal was to use a larger share of the treated wastewater to replenish the cooling circuit and the plant, as well as to increase the capacity of the existing treatment plant.

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