MBR WWTP Horoušany

Year of installation: 2021
Client: Municipality of Horoušany
Planner: PIK Vítek, s.r.o.
Operator: VHS Benešov, s.r.o.

Due to insufficient capacity and the necessary modernization of the equipment of the existing conventional treatment plant for 1,000 PE, the WWTP was intensified.

The most modern technology of the MBR membrane bioreactor was chosen for wastewater treatment. Thanks to submerged membrane modules for the separation of activated sludge from treated water, the capacity of the WWTP has doubled to 2,000 PE.

An accumulation and buffer tank and a complete sludge terminal were newly included in the technological line.

The treated wastewater is free of almost all undissolved substances and bacteria and is used as process water at the WWTP.

We have prepared a guided tour of this membrane treatment plant with technologist Radek Vojtěchovský.



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