MBR WWTP Tuchoměřice – 6000 PE

Intensification of WWTP to 6,000 PE using MBR
Year of installation: 2016
Planner: PIK Vítek, s.r.o.

We were able to double the capacity of the Tuchoměřice WWTP using our membrane technology.

During the intensification of the Tuchoměřice WWTP from the existing capacity of 2940 PE to the required 6000 PE, the most modern MBR technology in the field of wastewater treatment was used. Using membrane technologies, it was possible to double the capacity of the WWTP without the need to build new activation tanks and, conversely, the layout design fully respected and used all existing WWTP facilities, with the addition of partial smaller facilities (measuring shaft on the WWTP bypass or membrane tank regeneration tank).

The intensification of the Tuchoměřice WWTP took place during full operation of the treatment plant. The general contractor is the company ENVI-PUR, s.r.o., which used its many years of experience with dozens of different installations of membrane technologies during this event.

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