Water treatment plant Hradec Králové

Pilot testing
Year of installation: 2019
Client: VaK Hradec Králové, a.s.
Planner: EKO-EKO, s.r.o.
Operator: Královehradecká Provozní, a.s.

The source of drinking water for the Hradec Králové water treatment plant is the Orlice river with variable raw water quality. The reconstruction took place in 2 stages.

Phase 1:

The existing clarifiers were reconstructed into 2 flocculation lines included supplies of agitators and new DAF flotation technology, including other equipment, in the first phase (2013). Filtralite FMM filter material was also included in the delivery.

Phase 2:

A total of 8 sorption stage filters were modernizedn during the second phase (2019). Of interest was the placement of the 56 m2 Leopold drainage system in circular steel filters.

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