Water treatment plant Klíčava 75l/s

DAF flotation, Leopold drainage system, WG12 activated carbon
Year of installation: 2019
Planner: EKO-EKO, s.r.o.
Operator: Středočeské Vodárny, a.s.

The source of raw water is the surface water from the Klíčava water reservoir. During the modernization of the water treatment plant, us, as the general supplier of the technology, installed and put into operation the DAF flotation. Dissolved air flotation effectively removes the biological recovery of raw water. Furthermore, ENVI-PUR installed the Leopold drainage system in an area of 40 m2. Granular activated carbon WG12 was used as a filter material. The reason for using GAU was the requirement to remove pesticides from raw water.

The implementation was preceded by quality pre-project preparation, which is an important step in design. The pre-project preparation also included field tests, which verified the correctness of the design.


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