Mobile water treatment AMAYA Vyšší Brod

Mobile membrane water treatment plant AMAYA
Year of installation: Yearly from 2018,2019,2020
Planner: ENVI-PUR, s.r.o.
Operator: ČEVAK a.s.

The installation of the AMAYA mobile membrane water treatment plant solved the problem of the lack of groundwater in Vyšší Brod with the increased consumption of drinking water during the summer boating season. A conventional water treatment plant can only difficultly treat water from a surface source. On the contrary, this is not a problem for the AMAYA ceramic membrane. One-stage treatment with coagulant dosing can remove organic contamination and turbidity from surface water.

The AMAYA mobile membrane water treatment plant was used for the treatment of water from the Menší Vltavice river in the summer season in 2018 and, thanks to its satisfaction with the quality of the treated water, quick installation and trouble-free operation, it was also used in subsequent years.


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