Swedish family brewery OPPIGÅRDS, which has grown from a microbrewery to a recognized producer of so-called craft beer with an annual production of up to 2 million liters in 18 years.

The brewery produces 26 types of beers, one cider, and two types of schnapps. Its production increases every year, and so does the need for the treatment plant's capacity.

The brewery's owners emphasize a lot on the environment, and that's why they are fully satisfied with the chosen solution. „It warms our hearts when we see how clean water leaves us in the stream and then in the beautiful river Dala”, says the owner and founder of the brewery Bjørn Falkeström.

The wish of the owners of the brewery was to have their own wastewater treatment plant, from which would flow water of the best possible quality. The high demands on purified water stemmed from the requirement for minimal impact on the surrounding nature and the possibility of reusing
purified water as commercial water.


For the treatment of wastewater from the brewery, we designed and delivered membrane biological reactor (MBR) technology. MBR technology is the best solution for the combination of industrial wastewater from beer production and sewage from the brewery toilets and kitchens. The quality of the treated water is very stable, and the values of the effluent parameters are far below the limits required by Swedish legislation. The supplied membrane WWTP corresponds to a size of 700 EP according to BOD.


Part of the treated wastewater is recycled or used as utility water in the operation of the brewery. The owner thus saves the operating costs of the input water by tens of percent.


  •    MBR technology - the best available wastewater treatment technology today.
  •    Compact solution - the MBR technology is less demanding on built-up space, therefore the treatment plant could be placed in containers. This solution reduces construction work costs.
  • Turnkey delivery - our delivery consisted of technological design, project documentation, implementation, and commissioning of the WWTP. Online access to the control of the sewage treatment plant via a mobile application is a matter of course.



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