Year of installation: 2021
Operator: VAFO PRAHA, s.r.o.

Vafo is a Czech family company founded in 1994 in the village of Chrastany near Prague. From the very beginning, its activities focused on the production and distribution of pet food.

Today, the company is a leading European manufacturer of premium pet food such as Brit, Prima Dog, Carnilove, Canvit, Profine, Nutrican and others.

The company produces both dry and wet foods, snacks, and food supplements, including pet food fresh meat, grain-free, natural, organic, etc.

The customer's requirement was to treat the wastewater from the pet food production to a quality that would safely meet the limits set by the sewerage regulations of the municipal wastewater treatment plant.


A MiFlo flotation unit with an output of 30 m3/day was designed, delivered and commissioned as a suitable type of wastewater treatment.

It is an innovative microbubble flotation that is characterized by:

  • High pre-treatment efficiency,
  • low power consumption,
  • low space requirements.

This contract also included delivery and installation:

  • Equipping the buffer and storage tank,
  • mechanical pre-treatment (mechanical screw combs and mechanical roller screen),
  • chemical management, including dosing stations.

The contract was carried out including complete wiring and control with the possibility of remote on-line access.



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