Water treatment plant Vimperk 30 l/s

Year of installation: 2016
Planner: EKO-EKO, s.r.o
Operator: ČEVAK, a.s.

Vimperk WWTP serves as a source of drinking water for the town of Vimperk and the settlement of Boubská, the source of raw water is the Volyňka watercourse. Deteriorated quality of raw water was the reason for the reconstruction of the treatment plant.

The new technological line includes 2 separation stages of water treatment. The raw water is pre-basified with lime water at the inlet, followed by proportional dosing of the aluminum-based coagulant.

2 pieces of EP-C clarifiers were delivered to the Vimperk WWTP, which include fast mixing, flocculation chamber and lamellar separation.

The next stage of treatment includes the supply of 2 open self-supporting stainless steel filters with a two-layer Filtralite Mono-Multi filter cartridge and the Leopold drainage system (20 m2). This is followed by sanitization of treated water.

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