Water treatment plant Hrobice 200 l/s

"Customers will have better quality water, although I don't suppose they are able to recognize it. Substances such as pesticides that couldn´t be so far even detected, are being broken down. These are broken down on GAC filters and ozonization", said Gabriela Falková, technical deputy of Vodovody a kanalizace Pardubice and manager of the project "Modernization of the water treatment plant in Hrobice".

Year of installation: 2021
Client: VAK Pardubice
Operator: VAK Pardubice

The water treatment plant in Hrobice has its capacity of up to 200 l/s and has two main sources from which it draws water - the Oplatil reservoir, from which surface water is drawn, and water boreholes in the Hrobice and Čeperka springs. The water from the Oplatil reservoir is of variable quality and often contains organic matter, micro-organisms and phytoplankton. Our Amaya membrane technology has fully replaced the existing technology and can remove all microorganisms from Oplatil. Iron and manganese are removed from underground boreholes using lamellar separators and sand filters. The mixed water is then ozonized, chlorinated and passed through a UV lamp to remove pesticides.

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