WWTP Fish farm Norway

Year of installation: 2020
Client: Fish farm Norway
Planner: ENVI-PUR, s.r.o.

For our Norwegian business partner, whose main requirement was to create a tank of compact dimensions, which will also be statically suitable for above-ground installation, we have prepared a prototype of a new wastewater treatment plant in a square free-standing PP container. The treatment plant treats the sewage produced by the fish farm staff and has so far been discharged into the sea.

ENVI-PUR has thus met the growing demand for wastewater treatment plants, which, thanks to their size and compatibility, can find their application especially on ships, fish farms and oil rigs. There is great interest in these technologies,especially in Norway.

This biological wastewater treatment plant works on the principle of low-load activation with complete aerobic sludge stabilization, just like our standard BC biocleaner type series. Part of this WWTP is a zone for primary sedimentation of sewage with overflow into the activation part, which consists of a denitrification, nitrification and settling zone. The sludge that forms in the settling zone
is pumped back to the denitrification zone using hydropneumatic pumps (mammoths). The operation of the blower is controlled by an analog timer.

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