WWTP Hostomice - 3400 PE

Inner technology of the conventional biological WWTP for 3400 connected people, CLARI-VAC system
Year of installation: 2015
Client: VWS Memsep, s.r.o

The technological equipment of the Hostomice WWTP included, among other things, the supply and installation of equipment for settling tanks using the CLARI-VAC system.

Advantages of CLARI-VAC:

  • Energy and investment simplicity
  • Light floating construction
  • One recirculation pump (return, excess sludge and internal recirculation)
  • High SS removal efficiency
  • The sludge is not scraped from the bottom, but directly sucked out
  • There is no mechanical damage to the flakes at the bottom of the settling tank
  • Easy maintenance
  • All moving parts of the system are above water
  • The system floats on the surface without contact with the construction part of the treatment plant (There are no further losses due to friction or wear).

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