WWTP Kiviksgraven – 80 PE Water recycling in an apartment building - Sweden

Year of installation: 2017
Planner: ENVI-PUR, s.r.o.

A project of beautiful and sustainable living in the historical part of the former territory of the largest Scandinavian burial ground from the Bronze Age, the so-called Kiviksgraven on the south coast of Sweden. Project with its own solar park, wastewater treatment plant and heating pumps, currently located between large apple alleys and approximately 200 m from Hanöbukten Bay, which flows into the Baltic Sea. ENVI-PUR s.r.o., in cooperation with its business partner in Sweden, delivered a wastewater treatment plant with extended drug reduction to the Tvärpilen Kivik project in the second half of 2017 with a project completion date of 2021. Wastewater from 32 households will be treated and reused for irrigating and flushing toilets. MBR technology in combination with an activated carbon filter. A unique project located in the central part of Kivik-Sweden.

Wastewater recycling consists in the treatment of sewage and its reuse in the ormo f toilet flushing and watering. The project used a WWTP with BC 80 MBR membrane technology, sorption on granular activated carbon WG 12 and UV disinfection.

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