WWTP mountain base in Sweden – 100 PE

Container WWTP BC 100 EXCLUSIVE with UV disinfection for mountain station, sludge dewatering plant (SDP)
Year of installation: 2017
Client: Business partner Sweden
Planner: ENVI-PUR, s.r.o.

The BC 100 EXCLUSIVE UV WWTP for the STF Helags Mountain station (1789 m above sea level) in Sweden is our northernmost reference. Our wastewater treatment plant replaced the original unsatisfactory drainage sump, which had to be drained by helicopter during operation, which was very expensive. The investor was looking for another functional and cheaper solution for wastewater disposal.

The BC 100 EXCLUSIVE with UV disinfection is further supplemented with an oxygen probe and a sludge dewatering device (SDP) and thus meets very strict requirements for cleaning efficiency.

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